Happy 44th Birthday to Me!

This past Saturday night was a girl’s night out that I won’t soon forget. My good friend Barb organized a night filled with laughs, drinks, food and friends for my birthday and last night before surgery. What a fantastic night it was too!!!

We started the night off at one our favorite local Mexican restaurants for margheritas and grub. I had to start my preop diet today, on my birthday, so I got a nice juicy carne asada burrito. Oooh, it was sooooo delicious. I savored every bite knowing that it will be quite some time until I will be eating something like that again! 

My preop diet consists of 2 protein shakes (mixed with water only), 1 mean with 4oz of a lean protein and a half cup if nonstarchy vegetable, and 64oz of zero calorie liquids per day. This can include sugar-free popsicles, sugar-free jello, clear broth, water, crystal lite, powerade zero etc. No corn, peas, potatoes or sweet potatoes. No caffeine, decaf coffee or carbonated drinks are allowed. Based on my research, each doctor’s diet varies a little, this is just what mine has issued for me. 
I’ve eased into this diet a little at a time so I wasn’t completely shell shocked when I started. I slowly weened off caffeine, gave up pop and got accustomed to mixing my protein shakes with just water. I did make sure to purchase a cookies and creme protein shake so I could have and special birthday drink today since I can’t cut a cake. LOL

I’m so excited about the year ahead. Im turning 44 and this is my transformation year. The year I take my life back. Emotionally, physically, mentally…and I’m not letting anything stand in my way!

2 thoughts on “Happy 44th Birthday to Me!

  1. Happy Birthday and welcome to 44! πŸ™‚
    you’re lucky you get real food on your pre-op… mine was two weeks of only liquids… two weeks i shall never forget! πŸ˜‰
    that Quest cookies n cream is AMAZING isn’t it?!??? not a fan of their bars, but that’s one shake i don’t mind having.


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