Information Highway

Yesterday was my presurgery class. SO INFORMATIVE! I totally feel prepared. But, if I’m being totally honest, I did have a lil freak out sesh…just a lil bit. 

When they were going over they meds and supplements, I was all good. Until they said no more NSAIDs. Ever. Like, E.V.E.R. You see I have debilitating arthritis in both shoulders and both knees. I’ve been told I need replacements since 2006. Meloxicam  (Mobic) and anti-inflammatory drugs are what allows me to move. I’m a big believer in treating the problem and not masking it. I don’t want to just take pain pills or acetaminophen to mask the pain. I want to reduce the inflammation. Now I’ll NEVER be able to take them again. This is rough for me…REALLY rough.

I start my preop diet on Tuesday  (1/24, my 44th birthday) and meet with my Surgeon the following day. I’m hopeful something can be worked out. Possibly the prescription can be ground and mixed into my shakes. We shall see. Fingers crossed!

I’ve tried to do as much mental preperation for this as I can possibly think to do. I’ve joined and actively participated in a couple of Facebook groups to learn as much as possible. I’ve talked to several people who have had the procedure done. Read articles, attended seminars, studied FAQ. I believe I’m just about as ready as I can be, but can help but feel anxious.

It’s still scary. Weight can be like an armor. Without it will I be more vulnerable?  How will it change my personality? Since my needs will be so drastically changing, how is that going to impact the rest of my life? My emotions? *UGH* I’m gonna need a shrink before too long, I just know it. 

God has brought me this far and He isn’t gonna abandon me now. I need to hold on to my faith and believe in His plan. I was torn on which program to attend, and after choosing BMI I learned that 2 ladies from my Church had their WLS done at the same place as me. God is good, we just need to believe and lift our problems up to him in our hour of need with the belief that our prayers will be answered. The hardest lesson I learned in my faith is that it was His will be done, not mine. Prayers may be answered, just not always in the time or fashion you had in mind. 

5 thoughts on “Information Highway

  1. Kiddo, I’m right there with you on the anti-inflammatory wagon. I just wrote on this topic myself…I feel your pain. I’ve had both hips replaced this year and I cannot face a post-surgery life without using anti-inflammatory. My provider told me that a gastric sleeve is less problematic for using them. I hope this helps. Prayers for your surgery and recovery!


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