Goodbye November, Hello December 

Now I lay me down to sleep. 

I pray the Lord my soul to keep. 

Tomorrow brings new adventures, 

So it’s time to say goodnight November.

Reflecting on a month of giving thanks…Here are 30 things I’m thankful for:

1. Family that is like friends and friends that have become family.

2. lil Louie Lupo , my furkid 

3. My faith.  

4. The journey that lies ahead of me with my weight loss surgery. 

5. My ability to forgive.

6. Optimisim, the pure joy of living life looking through rose colored glasses.

7. Holidays and the way they bring people together.

8. Photographs, because regardless of how much time has passed, or how much people have changed, the photo remains the same.

9. The amazing life I’ve been able to live in various parts of the country.

10. Laughter. The belly kinda laughter that knocks the wind outta you til you have tears in your eyes!

11. Dog videos. The ones that make you tilt your head and go, awww.

12. Italian food! 

13. Coffee…especially if it’s Dunkin Donuts!

14. Ocean waves, hot sun, salt air – the Total Trifecta!

15. Chicago Bears football, sometimes LOL

16. TACOS!!! 

17. Music, therapy for my soul!

18. Memories…because knowing what stood out in the past helps me know what to work towards in the future.

19. Kindness from strangers…helps to renew faith in humanity.

20. Long distance friendships. 

21. The aroma of lilac bushes.

22. Crawling into a freshly made bed with clean sheets.

23. Italian pastries – YUMMO!

24. Sunsets. Glorious, beautiful, sunsets.

25. Gift giving. Nothing beats finding that perfect gift for someone. That look in their face, seeing their reaction is PRICELESS!!!

26. Hot tubs.

27. Oooh and massages!

28. Shopping! Never underestimate the power of retail therapy. 

29. Sleeping in. Zzzz

30. Girls night out. Sometimes it’s just what this gal needs!

Good night, November, Hello December.

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