What a night!

There was a red metal high back lawn chair in my Grandparent’s backyard. Grandpa put this chair next to a small side table that sat under the porch, with his AM radio on top of it.There he would sit, soaking up the suns rays while listening to Cubs games. 

Tonight, along with so many others, we cheered the Cubs to victory. It was a game of definite highs and lows. At one point, I was waiting for theatrical music to start playing. When all was said and done, we toasted the win with a glass of wine and I realized, in that moment, history was made. We were in a moment of time that would be referenced and talked about for years to come. 

There are only a few moments in our lifetime that become a point of reference. Tonight was one of those moments. The more I thought about it, I thought about Grandpa up in heaven looking down celebrating his CUBS big WIN! 

What's Your Opinion?

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