Eat to live, Don’t live to eat!

Back in 2010 was the 1st time I went on a calorie counting diet. I remember 2 things my doc told me that I still use to this day.

  1. If you bite it, you write it. This got me in the practice of being accountable for everything that went into my mouth. I remember doc told me a story once. He said he ate a piece of his son’s Halloween candy. He didnt like the taste, and as soon as it went in his mouth, he spit it out. I’ll never forget that. HE SPIT IT OUT!Β I had never spit anything out. If it went in my mouth…hell, if it went on my plate, I was committed at this point to eating it. There were starving people in 3rd World Countries after all.This was huge for me. It meant I had choices. I could choose what I ate. Choose what calories went into my body. Choose what I swallowed.
  2. Would you rather eat or drink your calories? After my 1st week of writing down my foods, doc looked it over. He looked at me and asked, Fran, would you rather eat or drink your calories? I must have had a puzzled look on my face, because it seemed like stupid question…of course I’d rather eat them. *DUH* Once we calculated my liquid caloric intake, I could have had a cheeseburger and a slice of cheesecake instead! WOW!

These 2 simple lessons have stayed with me for years. They have helped me to not regain a truckload of weight that I lost, and have helped me build a foundation for a healthier life.

It just seems crazy to me that some of us seem to have this healthy gene and others don’t. I lived for years not realizing that my way of thinking about food was wrong. I didn’t become aware of it until my late 20’s. I was in a relationship with a guy who worked as a Personal Trainer. When I saw how differently he lived his life when it came to food, I was shocked. For example, he would eat Total cereal for breakfast…with NO sugar. (and liked it) A light bulb went off regarding what people meant when they said “You need you eat to live, not live to eat.”

I’ll admit it scares me. Will I be able to change this obsession I have? My never ending love affair with food. Will I ever be able to break up with it for good, or will it finally break me?

What's Your Opinion?

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