Picky Pooch

Dogs. They make me smile and warm my heart. I grew up with a dog, have had dogs throughout my adult life, and believe I’ll always have one. Currently I have a Lhasa-Poo named Louie. We always laugh and say, “lil Louie is a lover” ❀. 

I rescued Louie in 2013 from a NSPCA in Las Vegas a week before moving home to Chicago. They told me Louie was picked up on the side of the road, sick, frail, hurt. They believe he was tossed from a car. As a result, one ear stands, the other flops. Truth be told, I needed him as much as he needed me. As I type, memories are making my eyes well up a bit. I had quite a few things go bad during that time. It was the lowest part of my life and although it’s been said before, he’s really the one who rescued me. We both left Vegas, the past, the pain.Together, we started a new life.

lil Louie & his toy box

*Phew* ok, deep breath. 

Lemme tell you. This dog is a trip. He loves to toss his squeaker in the air and run after it in a frenzy all over the living room. His other past times include laying on soft blankets, laps or pillows and morning snuggles. 

Remember earlier when I spoke of how I’ve had dogs all my life? It’s ALWAYS been large dogs. Golden Retriever, German Shepherds, Border Collie. NEVER a 17 pound, get groomed every month, froo-froo dog. 

Herein lies my issue:

I can’t get Louie to eat dog food! He’ll hardly even eat people food. What will he eat? Treats. Begging strips. Dehydrated chicken strips. Cheese, sometimes. And Bacon.

I’ve done everything I can thing of to get this dog to eat regular dog food. I purchased every brand including Nutro, Blue Buffalo, Natural Balance, Halo, Fresh Pet, Nutrish, Kibbles N Bits, and more. I’ve taken up all treats and food and tried feeding twice a day. Sat the food down for 15.mins, didn’t eat then took it up. I’ve tried self feeding with no treats. I tried making my own food with ground turkey, brown rice and sweet potato. When I took him for him vaccines, talked to the Vet. She suggested pulling up food altogether until he’d eat. Louie went 6 days…..6 days! I couldn’t do it anymore. Then the Vet suggested wet cat food because it had more sodium. That didn’t work either.

Does anyone else out there have a SUPER finicky eater? If so what do you do? Any suggestions? I’m just worried about my lil guy. So far he seems ok, but I’m afraid he’s cutting his life short. HELP!

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