The call

4:28pm today, I got the call. On the phone was the office where I attended the seminar last Wednesday. I felt my heart pounding as soon as she identified herself and where she was from. Thoughts immediately ran rapid in my head…

  • She’s gonna tell me there’s a problem with my insurance, isn’t she? 
  • If they DO take my insurance, I bet they only cover like 60% or something.
  • Betcha I filled the forms and health questionnaire out wrong.

I was holding my breath as this cheerful voice said “Everything seems in order with your insurance and we’d like to schedule you for your first consultation. I see that you’ve already gone online and filled out the necessary forms, thank you for that.”  She called my name and asked if I was ok. Through the tears I told her I was fine. Hell, I was better than fine. After all these years my prayers had been answered. The initial steps had begun and I was on my way to finally having weight loss surgery! She went on to tell me that with my insurance, I should be covered 100%……100%!!!!!!!!

I’m absolutely elated! This is the journey of my new life, and it all started with this call.

2 thoughts on “The call

  1. Oh, that’s so exciting! I’m happy for you and look forward to reading about things as you progress through the process. πŸ™‚ I’m about 6 months out and have been through it!!


    1. Thank you so much. The past 24 hours have all been a whirlwind. I’ve done my best to keep track of what I’ve been eating (started Sat) to get in the habit. Gonna be a whole new world…lotsa changes, def worth all of it πŸ™‚

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