Winning, Puking & Bitching

Part #1 – WINNING:

Thursday is one of the days I go to the gym and work out with my personal trainer, Mary Ricciardi from MaryRicciardiFitness. The gym is about 15 minutes away, so I use the time to call Ma and talk about the CMA awards that were on last night and how yummy Brad Paisley is!  🙂  During the award show, Lionel Richie did a live performance. Supposedly he has a new country album coming out. Now, don’t get me wrong…Im all for former lime light artists trying to make a reprise and coming out country. Darius Rucker did it. Went from being ok in rock, to horrible in R&B to damn good job at country!

However, Lionel wasn’t (isn’t) country! He was still Motown! Right through to his back up do wop singers LOL. The really funny part was he was singing his old #1 hits…and didnt even try to put a twang into the vocals although the music was definitely redone. Never thought I would have heard “Dancin on the Ceilin” sung live…with Rascal Flats…at the CMA awards show! HAHA

OK sorry…back to my point…so I was telling all this to Ma. She said that Lionel was “pop”. I said I thought he was definitely more “Motown”. Now for those of you who don’t know, my Mom is a musical major. She was a professional singer…and knows lyrics and verses to songs that you never knew existed. I remember one time we were in an elevator and she started singing. I said to her “Ma, it’s elevator music, there are no words” she just looked at me, smiled, and kept singing LOL.

Ma continued to make her “Lionel is ‘pop’ point” by stressing how he was a 70s singer. I made my “Lionel is a ‘Motown’ point” by bringing up the time he was with the Commodores . She was silent! “Ma…are you there?” I stumped her…38 friggin years and I had finally done it. She had no idea that Lionel Richie ever sang with them. (to be honest her lack of knowledge made me question myself for a moment…but I did google it on my phone as soon as I parked)

I knew then it was gonna be a good day! LOL


Part #2 – PUKING:
Mary is a great trainer. She knows how to motivate, educate and formulate plans that not only make you want to work harder but give you the confidence to do so. Today we were gonna attack some new things. I was excited!

I started off on the elliptical and for my heart rate up…which isnt hard to do when you are my size. Once warmed up, we did 4 sets of squats with the medicine ball. Moved on to the leg press & chest press…bicep curls & pull ups. I planked for the first time. I was proud of myself so we did that 3x. I even did work on the bosu ball. Did a few push ups & some core balancing.

Mary saw how hot I was getting and was nice enough to go refill my water jug.

When she returned we were playing hide & seek LOL I was in the bathroom giving back breakfast and my first water jug of the day LOL. Mary gave me a sympathetic look, helped me clean up and lead me over to where we would immediately pick up and do ab work LOL.

She doesn’t miss a beat! haha I have to admit though, I always leave feeling accomplished. Knowing that I pushed myself to the limits. I never do halfway with her…it has always been 150% or nothing!


Part #3 – Bitching:
Something that has always gotten on my nerves is hypocrisy. Dont tell me that 2 people can do the same thing or act the same way, but it has different consequences/outcomes due to their gender, race, age etc. BULLSHIT!

So like I said before, we have been working to find another location since our lease was pulled due to new construction at Harrah’s. We did meet with a potential business opportunity 2 weeks ago that could be lucrative for both parties involved. A less than ok verbal offer was made to us at that meeting that we were told to think over. Our attorney went back with what was an extremely generous and more than fair offer only to be countered from their attorney with a slap in the face offer.

So today I made a phone call to the other business owner, also a female. I thought that I was very matter of fact on the phone. I hung up from leaving my message feeling as if I was assertive and actually felt proud of what I said and how I said it…that is until I turned my chair around and looked at Mike. “Are you out of your mind? You just sunk us. What in the world would make you talk like that and be such a bitch?” I was dumbfounded!

I wasnt a bitch! I simply made a point of saying, I thought she wanted to make a deal, and maybe I was wrong. If I was wrong to let me know.

Why is it that when a woman lays things out black and white she’s a bitch, but when a man does it he is revered? The woman is told she is sabotaging her success…the man is simply stating how it is.

For once, I made a phone call that had no emotion. No fluctuation in my voice. I didn’t raise my voice. I didn’t swear. I wasnt mean.

Trust me… I held back. I could have told her she was out of her mind. I could have told her to go fuck herself for her insult of an offer, I could have declared WAR! But I didn’t! LOL

I wanted to….but I didn’t!

So why am I the bad one? I don’t get it. If Donald Trump would have made the exact same phone call, said the exact same things, in the exact same tone, nobody would question him or look sideways.

Why do it to me?

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