Don’t bring down my Optimism

Don't bring down my Optimism

Lately I have found myself struggling with staying positive. I know I have to keep the faith but to say it has been a struggle is an
understatement. I went through a super dark point about a month back. I was crazy depressed.

Since then, I am doing everything I can to hold my head up. To maintain a steady pace towards a goal. I have handed out specific jobs and made requests to others to assist in some of the business things that are going on right now.

I think that the more negativity that gets thrown at me, the more it lights a fire making me want to succeed. To prove them wrong.

Some days I feel like standing on the top of my car and shouting as loud as I can (and I have BIG mouth) STAY OUT OF MY WAY! YOU WONT BRING ME DOWN!

See, Caesar’s Entertainment has made headlines here in Vegas about their most recent project, Linq. They have taken such pride in how it will bring middle class money to the strip while creating so many jobs.

What they fail to tell you is that their wonderful project is putting a lot of people out of work! We have 3 years left on our lease. We pay the highest rent in our division and we bring experiential marketing to the Harrah’s casino, free of charge.

For months we were assured that we wouldn’t be effected by the new construction. However, a few weeks ago, we were given a letter stating that as of Jan 2, 2012 our lease would become null and void. Simple as that…too bad so sad.

We have been looking on securing a new location to supplement the money we will be losing by that location closing, however so far we have been unsuccessful.

See you need to understand that I am an optimistic person who lives with the world’s biggest pessimist. LOL I am convinced something will turn around and he is convinced we should start packing and head back east.

The thing that I am struggling with the most here…is knowing that if I can’t secure something by December 1st, I will be faced with laying off half my company. People who have families, bills, holidays.

You see, I have NO problem firing someone who deserves it. The thing I am struggling with is knowing that these employees did nothing except not be A+ team players.

When I was just an employee, I was never A+. I always thought I was, but in reality I was B- at best. I always thought I had a better way…thought I knew more. When I took over, I wanted to be sure to give everyone a fair shake. Give people the opportunities that I wasn’t given.

Now I feel like I am just struggling to face them.

Sometimes…when you are standing on top of the world…the fall down hurts the worst!

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