Arizona’s new immigration law…

I am really tired of all the complaints about the new AZ law. I don’t care if you are Italian, Irish, Mexican, African, Jewish, Chinese, or Canadian…if you are NOT a LEGAL US citizen, YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS to our country’s benefits! If you haven’t paid for something you are not entitled to it! Allowing Illegal’s benefits is like rationalizing theft!

I have nothing against people immigrating to the USA, I do however have a problem with people just sneaking into our country and being allowed the same rights and same benefits as those of us who do pay taxes and who do know the constitution. If they want the American dream, and if they want to live the American life, they can pay for it like American’s do! Enough already…illegal immigration is out of control! If you don’t think so, look around.

There is no reason that illegal’s cant study, and pay to become citizen just the same as our ancestors have and just the same as other immigrants have….it’s been done for years. There are procedures in place for a reason. Follow the rules. Don’t bully your way into our country. Don’t assume you have rights. Don’t take for granted what is ours!

I am so tired of people crying about Republicans, and bitching that left wing people jump to conclusions….I personally am tired of all the tree hugging attitudes that we should love everyone and welcome everyone and watch what we say and look the other way. NO! Speak up! Look the problems right in their eyes! Stop walking on eggshells and allowing American’s tobe the weaker people. WISE UP AMERICA!

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