Front Row at Andrew Dice Clay

So last night Mike and I had front row seats and back stage passes to see Andrew Dice Clay. We caught his show a couple of months back when he was at the Palazzo and it was pretty good. This show was held at the Steve Warwick theater inside Planet Hollywood’s Miracle Mile Shops. Nice place!

The show started about half an hour late, but it was well worth the wait! Dice’s kids have a band and did a few songs…they were pretty good as a matter of fact. His one son plays drums and he is excellent…and Mike and I got a laugh because he actually looks a lot like Mike’s friend Kenny from back in NJ. His other son was the singer and plays guitar and he is pretty good too.

Dice came out in all black and a black leather shirt. He still carries his cigs and sucks on em and tosses ’em even though he isn’t smokin them. His skit started out with him zeroing in on a few audience members and he was hilarious…then he went into his bit about retards…and then onto names. He was half way through his skit about why would a parent name their kid “Dick” when some drunk lady stands up and starts screaming “DICE YOU AREN’T FUNNY”. He had some fun with her before throwing her out and then realized that 2 skits later, she was yelling about the retard bit. He then says “hey lady relax, if I did half the shit I say I do in real life, Id be doin 20 right now”.

I mean seriously, don’t you know who you are going to see? Getting offended at a Dice show for his routine is like goin to see Lisa Lampenelli and being shocked that she talks about black dick lol. I mean c’mon now…if you don’t like to hear it, don’t spend the money and go see it! lol

Anyway, the show continued and he actually did some hilarious impressions and then actually called his kids back on stage and sang some Elvis songs. I had no idea he was a good singer…but he really is! Oh and his John Travolta and Sammy Davis Jr. had us laughing til we couldn’t breathe!

The show finished up with his old school nursery rhymes and the crowd was finishing them as he said them. It was awesome!

After the show we got to go back stage and meet him and take a picture. I actually got a chance to talk with his manager and give him a business card…who knows maybe we will be doing some business with the Diceman in the future!

I absolutely love raw comedy, and the only thing that can top this show would be seeing Dice and Lisa Lampenelli together on stage! What a show that would be!

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