Authentic Chicago food in Vegas??? Oh yea!!!!

Born and raised in Chicago, I grew up on beef sandwiches, stuffed pizza, good sausage, and breaded steak sandwiches. Having lived out of the city since 2000, I have longed for those comfort foods that reminded me of days gone by.

NJ has italian hot dogs, huge sliced pizza pies…but nothing I was familiar with. Las Vegas has many places that claim to be authentic, whether it is NYC pizza, or Chicago beef sandwiches. To spite the many places we have tried, and although some with very tasty food, none compare to the originals….until now!

About a month or so ago, Mike and I were driving home from an appointment when we decided to stop for some food. Mike noticed this place on Durango between Flamingo and Twain that said TASTE OF CHICAGO in the window. He knew he’d regret it, but still (purely out of love I am sure) pointed it out to me.

When entering the place, I was immediately warmed by the Chicago based memorabilia covered walls. I found the Las Vegas decorated tables were a nice marriage between the two. Rosemary was our waitress. Ask for her if you go – she’s awesome!

She handed us the menus and I thought I was back in my hometown. They had it all! cannoli, breaded steak sandwiches, beef sandwiches, combos, cheesy combos, stuffed pizza, thin crust pizza (cut into squares of course) , green river soda, cheesecake, everything! And they make it all right there…from the sausage to the cannoli!

The food is fantastic…and the beef compares to Johnny’s on North Avenue. I have yet to try the ribs, but I think they will give Carson’s a run for the money! Took my Mom here for her annual Mother’s day excursion to Vegas and she still jokes about having to travel to Vegas for good Chicago food.

It has become a weekly event of ours to either go or order from there, and although my thighs may not appreciate this magnificent find…my taste buds definitely do!

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