Who is Fran?

I have always been an outspoken person…if I think it, I tend to say it. I started this website as a way to express myself. It consists of my random thoughts, ideas, reactions, rants, and opinions. I make no apologies for what I write in my blog. Often my views are funny, occasionally I am sarcastic, sometimes my writings are heartfelt…but one thing you can always count on is 100% honesty 100% of the time. I speak on what I believe in and stand behind my convictions. I have lived an interesting life and still feel that I am experiencing new things daily. I welcome you inside my mind…you may like my views, you may despise them. Either way…I invite your comments on my blog whether in agreement or debate. My mind is often a scary place to be, so sit back and enjoy the ride!
I was born on January 24, 1973 & raised in Chicago, Illinois. I am an only child. My Father passed away when I was 15 and my Mother lives in Illinois. I am common-law married. His name is Mike and we have been together for 9 years. We have 2 dogs, Bella (Golden Retriever mix) and Rocco (a pure bred German Shepherd).
In November of 2000, we moved to the Jersey Shore, (where he is originally from) so he could be closer to his family. In the 6 years I lived in NJ, I worked a few office jobs but first and foremost worked as a Realtor specializing in 1st time homebuyers. After the house market started to crash in 2006, we were ready for a change, so we decided to move to Las Vegas!
Here in Vegas, we both work for the same company which I recently 100% ownership of, in addition to having a side business/hobby that we have operated together since 2004. I love clubs and hanging out with the friends…and of course spending time with Mike and the dogs. I’m up for pretty much anything that will give me a good laugh or that sounds like fun.
I hope that you come back often and post your thoughts as often as you like.

2 thoughts on “Who is Fran?

  1. lol I have a feeling you will learn a lot with this blog. I vow to be 100% honest and use this cyberspace as a sounding board. I hope you come back often and put your 2 cents in (cuz your 2 cents is always worth more with me)!


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