Chicago loses historic family spot


At the end of this summer’s season, Kiddieland will close for good. You can read the details by clicking the blog title.

Personally, I am not concerned with the details. I am concerned with the memories kids and families are going to be missing out on once Kiddieland closes. When I first heard this, I actually had tears coming down my face. My Grandpa (my Mom’s dad) who passed away when I was 19, would take me here all the time in the summers. There were certain things in my childhood that presented certain obstacles, some of which were emotionally damaging. My grandfather was like a knight in chining armor. He always knew when I needed an escape. Being an only child, I had a rough time making friends…true friends. I never realized that you could get into a fight with someone and then makeup. I didn’t have siblings who picked on me or who fought with me, so when I fought with a friend or when something happened that made me uncomfortable, I moved on. If I wasn’t moving on…I was changing my likes or dislikes to be the same as the friends I was with. I thought this would eliminate the icky feelings of disagreeing, and thus make the friendship last longer…well I’m sure you can imagine how that turned out. lol

I, however, never had to worry about being anyone, or doing anything, except having fun when I was with my Grandpa. He would pick me up early around 9am and off we would go to Kiddieland. I was lucky enough to live only 2 miles away which was a good thing because I don’t think I could have stood a minute longer car ride!

Once I went through the turnstile, all my cares, all my problems, everything was left at the gate. I can remember like it was yesterday riding the train all around with him…getting sick on the tilt-a-whirl…OH that green octopus looking ride thingy…that was always fun! This is where I rode my first roller coaster. I swear Id wait in line, do the coaster, get off, get back in line and do this at least 5-7 times before he would pull me away by the hand and tell me the other rides needed some attention too! I remember driving the old cars and thinking I was actually driving on my own. Ohhhh and the bumper cars were one of my favorites! When I was in that park I never had a care in the world…everything was smiles and cotton candy!

WOW, I can’t believe how sad I am by this…my eyes are filling with tears as I type. Kiddieland is one of the best memories that I have with my Grandfather…I loved being there with him. My grandfather passed away when I was 19 years old. This was especially hard for me because after my father’s death only a few years earlier, he became even more prominent in my life. Sometimes going to a place where memories were made, can ease the pain even if the person who you made the memories with is long around. As irrational as it may sound, but seeing this place that is filled with so many memories, almost feels like I’m losing him all over again.

It is just so sad to me.

During times like these, we need places that bring families together, where everyday worries can be forgotten even if only for a day. I hope that this will pass like it has in the past and this landmark will remain in our city for years to come!

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